Hey! My name is Jesse Childress. I’m 18 years old, and live in Texas.  I like a lot of things. Two of the things I like best are music and theater. I play piano (with mediocrity), sing, and act (hopefully better than I play piano). I’m constantly engaged in furthering my talents so that in the future I’ll be able to use them in the professional sphere. I’ve been involved in theater and music for about five years, but I have always strived to approach these artistic disciples from more than one angle. For theater, that means going beyond just acting when in the theater- involving myself  in as many of the other aspects of theater as I can. I’ve at least touched on nearly every aspect of theater- acting, improv, backstage work, set construction, make up and costume design, lighting and sound tech, directing, and playwriting. For music, that means studying classical voice as well as pursuing competence in musical theater-style singing, as well as learning to play classical piano and playing piano in a more contemporary band.

The third and final thing that I’m going to write about on this blog is writing. Making up stories and writing them is something I’ve done since I was very little- the very first ‘book’ I wrote was when I was six, a twenty-six page, double-spaced retelling of the Three Little Pigs, except it was The Three Cats and the Big Bad Rat. Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed and in the last eleven years I’ve thought up a lot of story ideas, started most of them, and finished few of them.

By no means is my knowledge in these areas comprehensive, but I think I have been privileged to be able to approach them-music, theater, and writing- in a somewhat unique way: from every angle.


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