poetry: /ˈpəʊɪtrɪ/

Middle-school-me absolutely dreaded the poetry section of my grammar textbook. To this day, hearing the words “Iambic Pentameter” makes me cringe a little bit inside. As a clueless pre-teen I had no interest in poetry, and studying meter and rhyme and heroic couplets did nothing to make me enjoy it more. As I grew older I slowly began to appreciate poetry more, and understand what made poetry good other than “The words at the end of the lines rhyme.”All that to say, I was looking through some of my old writings recently and found a poem I had written. I think it is one of the few, if not the only, decent poem I ever wrote. And I still don’t know what Iambic Pentameter is. Please excuse the use of the word effervescent, I realize that it makes minimal sense in the context, but that is how I wrote, so I will keep it like that.

Revel in my in ability and humility,

Never doubt because of my disability,

But in God’s power and purpose find tranquility,

Anything I do is Him filling me

When I choose to abdicate,

I don’t have to extrapolate

When I say my heart God will restore,

Because I’ve seen it done before

I’m not here to chase my dreams

Those ephemeral, effervescent, shifting beams,

But I was made to chase your dreams

Let your spirit guide me, daring


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