Your Own Beautiful

Someone, somewhere, at some point said, “Don’t try to be another person’s kind of beautiful.” In a world where everything is a competition and most people are constantly comparing themselves to others, this is an easily forgotten or ignored aphorism. We seem to instinctively think as if there was an objective scale for everything, and you’re are either above someone else on it or below them. But the simple saying, “Don’t try to be another person’s kind of beautiful”, gently points out that there isn’t one objective scale to measure beauty, so comparing yourself to someone else, or desiring to look/act/talk/think/be like someone else because they seem to be better than you doesn’t actually make any sense. What you are and what they are is different, and as such cannot ultimately be compared to one another.

All this metaphysical blather stemmed from a conversation I had with my younger cousin earlier. She has just started to take voice lessons, and she asked me to help her. I told her most people have a lot more of a voice and a range than they think, but are not brave enough to get passed the fear of making a mistake to find the expanse of their voice. I told her that the most important thing is to get comfortable with your own voice, comfortable with singing in front of people, and then be okay with it when it’s not perfect, and be okay when you mess up in front of people. Not trying to be someone else’s kind of beautiful also applies to singing. If you only compare your voice to the voices of other people and try to emulate their voices you’ll never be able to develop your own beauty. As I told her these things I found that I was also talking to myself. Accept that your voice (or your anything else) is your own, and allow it to be beautiful instead of trying to shape it into a cheap forgery of someone’s else.


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