I Don’t Dance… But Apparently It Doesn’t Matter

If there’s one thing I’ve learned recently, it’s that if you perform it may be likely to lead you into another opportunity to perform you weren’t looking for. In the past few months I’ve been almost dragged into (not particularly unwillingly, but I would say dragged nonetheless) into several things that I did not expect to be a part of.

The most recent example of this happened yesterday. Two days ago was the final performance of the musical that I was in, “Strays”, and though I greatly enjoyed being in the show, I was elated to finally have some extra time in my busy schedule.

But it was not to be. The very next day after the show closed, a woman who I go to church with and who had seen “Strays” spied me at church and and asked me if I wanted to be in a production of The Nutcracker. She is a dance teacher and needed one more guy to dance in it, and, having seen me perform the night before, decided I would be a good fit. I’m not entirely sure how she came to this conclusion, because I did little to no dancing in “Strays”, really just singing and acting. I told her as much. “I don’t dance,” I whispered, but she replied with, “That is okay, you can do it. Rehearsals start today at one today, if you can make it. It is okay if you are late.”

Before I knew it I had agreed to come to that day’s rehearsal, and before the day was over I had entirely committed myself to the production, despite my lack of expertise in anything remotely related to ballet. The moral of the story is, as a performer you need to be versatile, or at least be able to fake it well, and be able to learn quickly, because you never know when someone might ask you to do something they think you can do that you don’t know if you can.


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