A Moment of Art

I want to talk about a work of art that affected me. Works of art come in many different forms; they can be a song, a dance, or a painting, but on a more minute scale, they can be in an interval, a movement, a brush stroke, a moment.
The work of art I want to talk about was a moment. It occurred within a play, a modern retelling of the story of Peter Pan called “FLY”. The moment was actually two separate, similar moments that augmented one another. They were duets, one between Peter Pan and Hook and the other between Wendy and Mami Wata, a water spirit who originates in African folklore. In two separate scenes, the duos sing with each other while circling each other like wary animals, as if there was a tense rope between them so that they could neither pace farther back from one another nor come closer together. I do not remember a single word from either songs, but I can overwhelmingly recollect the emotions I felt and the thoughts they inspired. The adults, Hook and Mami Wata, had miens that were both antagonistic and parental at the same time. Hook, as ironic as it is, was in a moment both father and challenger of Pan. Mami Wata evokes thoughts of motherhood, at once comforting Wendy and fearfully demanding she grow out of her naive girlhood into a woman and take responsibility for the ones she loves. The evocative tension of the scenes left an impression on me that has hardly diminished in a year. The scenes resonated with me so deeply because of the thin line that they walked between the relationships of antagonist and of mentor. I don’t fully understand the meaning behind the scenes, but that is what fascinates me, what continually draws me into thinking about it. That is what makes it art.


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