What it Takes

Something that consistently surprises me is how willing people are to help me with things if I ask. I often hesitate to ask someone like a college professor for personal help with something, because it seems like they would be too busy with other, more important things, but what I have found time and time again is that they are disposed to and, in most cases, delighted to help.
I have been needing to record several audition videos of myself singing for a while now, and I finally screwed up the courage to ask my theory professor if the music department had recording equipment that I could use. His response was more than I could have hoped for. He was more than happy to let me use the equipment, and directed me to the professor who was in charge of the equipment, and then helped me work out a time when we would be able to do the recordings. The professor in charge of the equipment was equally willing and helpful to help me record. On top of this, the piano professor was just as happy to accompany me on the recordings as the other professors had been to help me with it.
Now all that is left is to actually record the audition videos. As willing and as accommodating as everyone has been, the rest is up to me. You can get a lot of places by just having the nerve to ask someone for something, but at some point you have to prove that you have what it takes to do what it is you want to do. As a soon-to-be college freshman, I’ll find out if I have what it takes sooner rather than later.


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